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Career ddc 10.10.2022

We notice the
contribution of
each employee
and fairly evaluate it.

Today, Nietz is not just a place of work, it is a place of development and career growth, an opportunity to constantly learn in your professional field, adopt the experience of curators or become a curator yourself, and the chance to visit foreign scientific conferences and, thanks to our partnership with foreign counterparties, to adopt experience from colleagues not only within the country but also abroad.

At Nietz, we see science – based on deep and qualitative knowledge, yet alive and creative!

Most of all, we are proud of the fact that we give our employees the possibility for self-realization and professional creativity. For Nietz, science is a constant search and development, so we encourage everyone’s desire to expand their creative scientific potential, providing not only mentoring, interesting tasks and work on top-end equipment, but also the freedom to choose an experimental path, the result of which is always a qualitative scientific discovery and innovation.


We believe that there is nothing more effective than the work of a well-coordinated strong team and therefore strongly support the development of corporate non-working life of employees in Nietz.

We have already travelled to Germany, Sweden, Georgia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Karelia, Caucasus Mountains, travelled half of our Motherland, and were at several dozen masterclasses!

We are proud of our corporate culture and believe that high-quality informal communication of colleagues outside the office allows us to maintain a friendly and productive atmosphere in the team, and also allows employees to distract from the daily routine and acquire inspiration for new career achievements.


It is very important at the start of your career to choose the right platform from which to grow professionally, gain experience and add to your working portfolio.

It is very important at the start of your career to choose the right platform from which to grow professionally, gain experience and add to your working portfolio.

At Nietz, we place great importance on our company’s openness to young professionals and interns. That is why we have for so long built trusting relationships with leading universities in our country, thereby we have been able to develop effective internship programs, after passing which the best candidates have the opportunity to stay in our team.

Students who come to us for internships have the opportunity to gain their first professional experience with modern, advanced equipment with the support of experienced mentors – PhDs, professors deeply interested in the professional growth of their students. We provide not only our employees but also the trainees with a diverse, stimulating experience that allows them to unlock their professional creative potential and become notable in their speciality in a circle of like-minded people.Nietz staff members have defended more than 10 PhD theses, and we are not going to stop there – we have 3 more scientific degrees coming up soon!

We consider our achievements to be the real success stories of our employees: obtaining academic degrees, publishing articles in leading Russian and foreign publications, participating in international conferences and, as a result, rapid career growth from entry-level to top positions.

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We invite you to start or continue your career in the creative and scientific atmosphere at Nietz!

If you feel you have the potential and desire to join the Nietz team, write to us! We will review your application in detail and will give you feedback!